Maybe your vacation or a summer weekend is approaching, you need to have your best bikini ready. With different bikinis and swimsuits to choose from, there are few options for each body type. You need to know the type of bikini that suits your body type. The tan through bikini or tankini bikini is the most popular and this is for good reasons. These are the different types of bikinis and swimsuits to get.


Sometimes you want to cover much of your body while at the beach. In this case, you should get a tankini bikini. This is made of a binkini bottom and a tank top. It is designed to offer decent body coverage without compromising your appearance.


These are also called strapless bikinis. Ideally, they are tops for swimming. You will find these bikinis to be simple and comfortable to wear. Since they are strapless, they are suitable for different body shapes. They are recommended for women with hourglass body shape and with small busts. If you have a large bust, you should avoid them as they do not offer adequate room for your breasts.

String Bikinis

These types of bikinis have feature cups interconnected by a string. Ideally, this bikini is secured from the back, waist, and to the neck. This bikini is suitable if you want to show off your enhanced curves. String bikinis are recommended for ladies with rectangle, hourglass, and athletic body shapes. If you are heavier or bustier you should avoid them.

High Neck Bikinis

These have a similar design as turtlenecks. They have a fashionable style that covers your chest. If you like surfing or swimming, you should get these types of bikini. You should get this type of bikini if you have a rectangular, hourglass, or athletic body type.


This type of bikini has a skirt and bikini top combined. They are quite popular because they provide decent coverage. Also, if you like showing off girlish vibes, these are the best. They can be used to flatter any type of body shape. Thus, they can be worn by ladies with pear, hourglass, rectangle, and apple body types.

High Waist Bikinis

You probably know of high waist skirts and high waist jeans. Now there are high waist bikinis. If you like high waist apparel, you cannot get enough of these bikinis because they make you look good. They are designed to create an illusion of a high waistline and make your legs look long. That explains why these bikinis are suitable for any particular body type.

Flounce Bikinis

These are also called ruffle bikinis. They have a flowy style that adds more volume to the waist and chest. This type of bikini is suitable for ladies with an athletic body type. If you have large curves, you should avoid this type of bikini.


This guide should help you choose the right type of bikini. Remember the best bikini for you is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you are going out for a summer trip, remember to get enough bikinis and other vital travel essentials.


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