Constructing a pen for your animals doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task anymore. Robust construction materials are plentiful. And you can use the online distributors to procure heavy-duty units. This way, you’ll get exposed to vast options that come at factory price and guarantees safety to your livestock. New pen panels are a valuable investment, but you can adopt the round pen for sale.

Wood panels might sound cheaper and offer easy access, but the cons can be detrimental to your animals. For starters, wood disintegrates on long-term exposure to moisture. And any accidental crash can impart life-threatening injuries to your animals. Furthermore, the maintenance factor stretches your budget because wood has a shorter life span. And you’ll need to treat the panels periodically.

On the contrary, metal panels can give you services that transcend costs. The initial capital might grip you, but the bigger picture tells an exciting story. You’ll have a flexible heavy-duty unit that you can manipulate to accommodate your changing needs. Even better, your structure features a fine finish guaranteeing safety when a stampede becomes imminent.

Let’s take a look at how else you can squeeze value out of your steel pen.

Easy to assemble

Round panels fit into each other easily. They come with a connector hinge to fasten them together. And although sturdy, the design aims at increasing flexibility so you can adjust the pen according to herd size.

Resizing the pen size is pretty simple. When you want to configure a compact pen, you can leverage the diameter dynamics to arrive at the number of panels you’ll need for that purpose. This is how you go about it.

A 4o feet pen means that the circumference of the structure is 40*3.14. And that gives you 124.80ft. To get the number of panels, divide the circumference by the size of the panels you plan to use. For example, if your panels measure 10 feet, you’ll require 124.80/10= 12.48 pieces. Rounding off to the nearest decimal gives you 13 units.

A metal panel has a good return on investment.

Steel is an easy-to-maintain material. You can coat it to prevent rusting or use the galvanized units that are easy to maintain. This way, the pen can withstand harsh conditions that include animal droppings. And you can make the most out of your structure if you adopt an excellent maintenance regime.

Your plans are subject to change. A lucrative deal might come your pen becomes redundant. And you can’t help but think that structure isn’t a waste. After all, you’ve been keen to keep it in a pristine state so that a prospecting client won’t reject your offer.

It adds elegance to your farm.

The metal panel features a smooth finish. The subtle element packs tremendous benefits. For instance, your animals are safe from bruises, and it forms decent structures on the farm. And as long as you stick with superior quality materials, your farm will maintain its sleek character for a long time.

The Bottom-line

The quality of the panel makes or breaks the authenticity of your pen. Wood rails may offer an easy-fix alternative but lack long-term value. On the other hand, a steel pen comes at a cost, but the intrinsic value cancels the pain. It tells you that cheap is expensive in the long run and vice versa is also true. That said, steel panels are your greatest bet if you value a high rate of return on your investment.


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